Case Studies



Avery Barron Industries (ABI) was challenged by a client to be ready to deliver a solution with little or no notice.  In addition, the project that had to be correct the first time because the catalysts were shipping across the country, and there would be no second chance.

This particular customer specialized in the design of unique emission control systems for engine and power plant exhaust.  These systems often incorporate large stainless steel catalytic converters and diesel oxidation catalysts.  To manufacture these components, they looked to Avery Barron Industries (ABI) for help.  

Making the project even more challenging was the fact that these were one of kind designs, and no one had fabricated these before.  Fortunately, the ABI team, working closely with the customer, was able to identify and work through any design questions quickly and make any necessary adjustments almost immediately.  

The result was the delivery of 4 stainless diesel oxidation catalysts, on time and under budget.  More importantly, they were built exactly as designed and contributed to a seamless installation effort by the end user. 

A testimonial from this client, “Our customer was very pleased with the fit, finish, and ease of installation associated with these catalysts; the ABI team did an excellent job pulling everything together and providing high quality catalysts in a very condensed timeframe”.ustomers include all parties, both internal and external. We will continually work to exceed our customer's requirements and anticipate future needs, while delivering flawlessly on our commitments.